Full Moon Eclipse In Cancer

3-Day Moon Manifestion Challenge

June 20, 21, 22 2020


Did you know the Moon controls the ocean tides?

It really is that powerful!

Did you know that the human body is 50%-65% water?

If the moon affects the oceans, it stands to reason that it affects us as well!

What's Included

1. New Moon Eclipse Meditation

2. New Moon Eclipse Shamanic Journey

3. 3 Rituals for working with New Moon Eclipse

Image by Drew Tilk

Working with the New Moon

New Moon which is when the dark side of the moon is facing the earth, is when we set intentions for what we want to create, and do some work around forgiveness.

Learn how to use the New Moon to set powerful intentions and begin creating the life you desire and deserve!

New Moon also invites us to meditate into a mindset of possibility!

Learn how to step into a mindset of endless possibilities, which is where the most powerful manifestations come from!

Working with the New MoonEclipse

New Moon Eclipse gives us extra power to work with! This eclipse is right on the cusp, so we will have 2 opportunities to work with this energy back to back!


Learn how to use the New Moon to close an old chapter, and open a new one! A chapter of promise and possibilities!

New Moon Eclipse is when the Universe changes gears. It's an opportunity for us to change paths if we find the one we are on is not to our liking!

Learn how to work with the new moon eclipse and it's mood enhancers! If your life is going well, expect to increase that! If it's not going well, use this time to change course!