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MindSet Alchemy

Which area of your life would you change if you could?

  • Relationship with Self

  • Relationship with Others

  • Relationship with Money

These are the three main areas I help with.

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The reason so many women aren't happy with their lives is because:

They are bumping up against a limiting belief they were taught as a child. 


They are reacting to trauma from their past which caused a limiting belief.

The reason why coaching and talk therapy fail sometimes is because:

Words alone don't heal emotional wounds.

When we're talking about limiting beliefs, we're talking about something that affects your limbic brain which doesn't understand language.

Sad on Couch

Let me tell you about a client of mine, we'll call her Becky.


When we met she had moved back in with her mother with her children after a divorce, losing her father to suicide, and a demotion, all within a year. Her choices were: to move back in with her mother or to be homeless with kids. She needed to make a change and she needed it FAST!

She felt depleted.


She felt like a failure.


She needed to grieve but felt like she couldn’t.


She had to be strong for her Mom and her kids, but secretly inside she was as cracked wide open.

Does any of this sound familiar?

She thought when all those things went wrong, that it was somehow her fault. She had caused it or she could have prevented it.

“If only I had loved my kids' dad more.”



“If I had checked on my Dad more often.”




“If I’d only worked harder.”

She was bumping up against her limiting beliefs.

She had been taught that divorce was wrong and that god would punish those who failed at marriage.


She thought her demotion, and even her dad’s death, were her fault for not being able to hang onto her husband. She wasn't taught that relationships are partnerships, and one partner alone can’t make it work. This is the main limiting belief we worked on and it deeply affected every aspect of her life.

It showed up for her in several different ways:



low self-worth



Can you relate to any part of her story?

Upset Stomach
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It’s because of the "Becky’s" of the world that I created this 90 days hybrid approach.

Part life coaching, part energy healing.

What happened to "Becky"?

Within 6 months of working together, she had been promoted back to where she had been before and then promoted again into a supervisor position. Her children were doing better in school and were happily involved in community sports. She was beginning to look at houses, getting an idea of what she could afford with her kids and where they wanted to live.​

How does it all work?

Business Meeting

You get:

  • 7 60 minute sessions over 90 days ($1,227)

  • Facebook Messenger coaching for 90 days ($997)

  • BONUS: A creative expression self-healing technique to help you maintain your shift between sessions (97)

We’ll meet every other week and start each session with a guided meditation to bring the limiting belief you need to shift to the surface.


While we do the brain work with words, I’ll also be clearing and re-establishing the flow of energy in your energy field. This allows the limiting beliefs to shift much faster!

The total value of everything included is well over $2,000.

How much is a happier life worth to you? Stop letting happier days get stolen away by your limiting beliefs! Letting them go can be simple and easy, and I can show you how.

I'm not going to charge you $2,000. I realize that's a lot of money for some people!

Grab your 90-day spot on my calendar for $997!

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