Yoga Practice
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Yoga Practice

How does the Medicine Wheel affect my finances?

Part of the Medicine Wheel is learning to master alignment with the Law of Attraction, which states, "That which is like unto it is drawn." 

The last energetic code you receive is called the Creator's Rite, where you begin to create your world the way you desire it to be and on purpose.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the teachings of the Medicine Wheel go against my religious beliefs?

I have yet to find any disparities between the Medicine Wheel and the religions I have studied. The code of ethics you learn while taking a medicine wheel class has enhanced and increased my understanding of the religious code of ethics I grew up with. 


The Medicine Wheel is a time of self-reflection and self-healing.

No, not at all. The medicine wheel is meant to be primarily a personal journey. What you do with the knowledge after you complete the wheel is entirely up to you!

Where does the term "Shaman" come from?

The earliest uses of the word 'shaman' are Siberian and date back to the late 17th century.