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Free Self Healing Technique

This amazing, creative, and intuitive self-healing technique is an awesome way to transmute the heavy energies and emotions you are feeling. Give it all to the sand painting, and let it give you back something better!

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Do your emotions ever feel out of control?

Here is a self-healing technique that will help you lessen your intense emotions this week!

Sand Painting Technique

All it takes is 15 minutes

per day!

Yoga at Home

Who is this for?

  •  Energetically aware individuals who feel intense emotions sometimes

  • Intuitive individuals who struggle with trusting their intuition

  • Creative entrepreneurs who struggle in their business

  • Spiritual individuals who have past trauma that they get stuck in sometimes

  • Individuals seeking a deeper inner path (this is one piece of a deeper inner journey)

  • Energetically minded individuals wishing to deeper their intuition