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How well is your conscious creation going?

If you:

~ Feel like you don't know how to utilize the Law of Attraction/Manifestation

~ Only sometimes actually create what you've tried to focus on

~ Are thinking, "Law of Attraction just doesn't work for me."

~ Are thinking, "There's got to be a piece I'm missing!"

Then you're in the right place! Click the button below to download "The 5 steps to Conscious Creation" Ebook to utilize the Law of Attraction and manifest faster and easier!

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I know what you're thinking...

You've read all the books, devoured all the YouTube videos, and listened to every podcast.

Ask yourself:

How much longer are you willing to create struggle?

How much longer are you willing to live with hardship?


How much longer are you willing to let your trauma run the show?


How much longer are you willing to put up with society's BS?

What if you learned one Secret Key today that helped you create more freedom in your schedule?

What if with 1 slight shift, you were able to allow in an extra $1,000. $5,000, or $10,000 this month? 

If any of this resonates, then I invite you to download The 5 Steps to Conscious Creation Ebook below and learn how to utilize the Law of Attraction!

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Download The 5 Steps to Conscious Creation!

Your FREE Ebook is on it's way!


You're Invited!
Would you rather attend a 60-minute virtual Conscious Creation Masterclass Live?

What's in it for you

During this one hour-live Masterclass, our focus will be on conscious creation in your life or business. It will include a crash course on implementing The 5 Steps of Conscious Creation as well as 3 Secret Keys that increase your results exponentially. You will be able to utilize this information in multiple areas of your life! It is my promise to you that if you act on the knowledge you will gain over a period of time, your life or business WILL CHANGE for the better!

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What a great experience *during the Conscious Creation Masterclass! The small group setting was perfect. We all were able to share our journey and feelings. I felt safe and was able to open up. Something I don’t do with people I barely know. It was powerful!

Katie L. Business Consultant

The Conscious Creation Masterclass includes:

The 5 Steps of Conscious Creation crash course

We will take some time, in the beginning, to get clear on the 5 Steps of Conscious Creation and how to utilize them in your life or business.

The 3 Secret Keys of Conscious Creation

We will also get clear on the 3 Secret Keys to help you consciously create faster and easier!

Guided Shamanic Journey

This guided journey will sync your heart and mind to work together! You will then cast your vision of what it is you want to consciously create, tying your highest emotions of joy, love, and peace to what you are consciously creating!

Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

Lastly, we will discuss tips, tricks, and hacks that I've learned over the last 30 years to increase your results exponentially.

Q&A Session

We will spend the remaining time in a Q&A session where you will be able to share your current challenges and ask questions to gain insight and information on ways you can implement the 3 Secret Keys! This will help you push through the barrier to continue building and growing on what you learn!

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