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Are you ready to consciously create your life and business using modern neuroscience and also ancient wisdom?

We teach spirit-led entrepreneurs ancient tools, techniques, and skills to Master Conscious Creation so that you can co-create the life and business of your dreams!

Click below to get your free copy of my 5 Steps to Conscious Creation Ebook!

We teach spirit-led entrepreneurs and small business owners the tools, techniques, and skills to consciously create their life and business. Click below to learn more about how to remove obstacles, shift societal programming that affects you, decode your unique contribution to humanity, and improve all aspects of your life when you integrate and act! 

Help with Lifes Struggles Melody Morris

Do certain aspects of your life make you feel:

  • Exhausted

  • Depleted

  • Contracted

  • Undervalued/under-compensated

  • Weary on a soul level

  • Unsure of your direction or next steps

  • Anxious

  • Worried

  • Afraid of making a mistake

Wouldn't you rather feel:

  • Energized

  • Increased

  • Expansive

  • Prosperous

  • Serving from suplus

  • Supported

  • Trusting your guidance

  • Peaceful

  • Certain of your intentions

We teach you the tools, techniques, and skills to move from exhausted to energized, weary on a soul level to serving from surplus, and worried to peaceful!

Conscious creation can be simple with the tools, techniques, and skills that we teach.

Let me introduce you to the
Conscious Creation for Life and Business Mentorship!

What is The Mentorship, and why do I need it?

GREAT QUESTION! The Conscious Creation for Life and Business Mentorship is an immersive experience and expedition into yourself. Over one year you will be presented with more than 50 tools, techniques, and skills to consciously co-create your life and business by making radical changes using ancient Shamanic and modern neurological knowledge. 


What is the biggest thing that stands between you and conscious creation?

Your past painful experiences (triggers). Societal programming. Institutionalized indoctrination. Religious dogma. Ancestral trauma that was passed down through DNA and your own trauma from your painful life experiences.

Using the tools, techniques, and skills you learn through the Conscious Creation for Life and Business Mentorship along with the opportunity, guidance, and space created to help you develop your own, you can radically change your relationship with your triggers, reprogram your mind and find your path to your right relationship with God/Source/Universe and each other.

Image by Julien L
Happy Woman after Shamanic Healing Session

What is a trigger?


A trigger is what has happened when you react emotionally to a current situation based on past painful experiences, what was modeled for you by society, your school, or your religious affiliations. This emotional reaction 'triggers' a thought pattern, a bad habit, or a reaction that often you may regret or feel guilty over later. This happens automatically and it takes effort to clear these triggers.

The Conscious Creation for Life and Business Mentorship teaches you how to utilize the tools, techniques, and skills that you acquire to consciously create desired changes in your life by managing, reducing, and sometimes even completely removing your triggers!

One of two things happens. Either:

1. your old triggers don't trigger you anymore (some people call this healing or a healed state)


2. you see the potential trigger and can choose to get out ahead of it and respond from a place where you feel stable and capable, rather than emotional and out of control.

HOLY COW! Does The Conscious Creation for Life and Business Mentorship really do all of THAT???

Yes.     It does.

Do you want to know how to consciously co-create your life?


Do you want to know how to reprogram your triggers?

Do you want to be guided to a clear roadmap to your desired life?

Do you want to leave your painful past experiences where they belong? (In the PAST.)

The Mentorship teaches you how to consciously co-create your life on purpose, from a clear roadmap, feeling capable and stable. When you have the tools, techniques, and skills to consciously co-create your life, something Magical happens!


Everything you need to radically change your life by consciously co-creating is waiting for you to click the button!


Denise W.     CEO

Working with Melody has been so freeing for me!

Her openness, honesty, and genuine desire to help me blew me away. 

She is true to her gifts and I am so fortunate to have found her.

She has a client for LIFE!

Rebecca L.     Human Resources

When I met Melody, I was an emotional wreck and on the verge of losing my job. I'd been through a nasty divorce and had a lot of healing to do.

After working with Melody for a few months, my work life and personal life have improved drastically! 

I no longer lash out when someone behaves in a way that reminds me of my ex-husband.

I am so glad I found her! Meeting her changed my life for the better! 

Pamela M.     Entrepreneur

Melody speaks in a language that makes difficult concepts easy to understand.  

She pulled out of me what I already knew to be true but rarely talked about. 

She focused on exactly what I needed when I waffled. 

She is definitely tapped into her higher power!

Two thumbs way, way UP!

Meet Melody

Hello, hello! I am Melody Morris, a lifelong intuitive and claircognizant modern-day Shaman with nearly 3 decades of experience in energy work and channeling. My fascination with energy began with a more science-based education on how the body, brain, and nervous systems work. I currently teach spirit-led entrepreneurs to consciously create the life and business of their dreams! Find out about the tools, techniques, and skills to release the past painful experiences that are preventing you from consciously co-creating the life you truly desire and deserve!


I love, love, LOVE speaking to groups of women about how our brains and bodies are wired and how to work with our wiring and not against it. For details on my guest speaking services, please send me an email with details of the event by clicking HERE.

Melody Morris Shamanic Healer

Work With Me Individually

As a modern-day Shaman, here are some of the ways I can assist you with conscious co-creation of your dream life from a clear personal roadmap!

Image by Magic Bowls

Strategy & Alignment

For spirit-led entrepreneurs at any point in their journey who want the benefit of an experienced Life Coach and Shaman on their side. Heal from old wounds and cultivate your conscious co-creation one problem at a time. Individual services are available below. Evening hours are limited.*


Conscious Creation
for Life and Business

For entrepreneurs who want to take charge of their own conscious co-creation journey and are ready to take themselves to the next level! The Mentorship is designed for small groups to learn how to shed limiting beliefs and consciously co-create the life and business of your dreams.

Have more questions I haven't answered here?

Schedule a call with me to get your questions answered by clicking below! See what shifting limiting beliefs and conscious creation may look like for you where you are in your journey.

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