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Life & Energy Audit Workshop

~ What is a Life & Energy Audit?

~ Who needs to do one

~ When to do one

~ Where in life to do one

~ Why a Life & Energy Audit can help

Grab your spot for the Live workshop in 2022 and get
~ 30 days of 1:1 support inside Facebook Messenger! 

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Life & Energy Audit Workshop


A life & energy audit is a thorough assessment of your life. It’s how we ask ourselves, “How am I doing?”. It’s how we find out what takes up space, time, mental or emotional energy, and physical energy. This audit gives you a clear picture of your life and how you spend your energy. We answer these questions: What’s going well? What’s not? Where am I leaking energy? Where will it serve me best to redirect my focus?


This is where our next aligned actions come from!


If you’re asking this question, then chances are, now is a great time for a Life & Energy Audit! EVERYONE at some point in their life will benefit from a Life & Energy Audit.

Here are some signs it can help if you’re still unsure.

  • You’ve never done one.

  • You feel overwhelmed or emotional constantly.

  • Something just feels, off.

  • You’re restless, confused, or unfulfilled.

  • You are looking for peace, joy, passion, prosperity, ease, or freedom in your life.

  • You’re living on autopilot and not sure how to change it.

  • You’ve experienced a drastic life change. (death, moving, career change, new relationship)

  • You feel unsatisfied with your accomplishments.

Grab your spot for a BONUS!!!
~ 30 days of 1:1 support and coaching inside Facebook Messenger!

*Limited to 5 participants

Shamanism Training by Melody Morris

What are the goals of a Life & Energy Audit?

  1. Assess every aspect of your life/energetic health

  2. Create a roadmap to take you towards where you want to be

  3. Break down your roadmap into small, manageable action steps


Join me January 3-7 by clicking the button below to grab your spot and I’ll walk you through it step by step inside a Private Facebook Group! We will look at each area of your life, assess where you are, set goals for where you want to go, and then discuss tools to break down your goals into manageable action steps! 

BONUS: 30 days of 1:1 Messenger Coaching
To help you stay on track!

I've been doing Life & Energy Audits for myself and guiding clients through the process for almost 15 years. 

Get all of my shortcuts and quick processes inside the Workshop!


How long does it take?

It takes me about a week for a full Life & Energy Audit. You'll want to work on it in short bursts and give yourself time to consider between sessions!

What if I don't want to audit my entire life?

You don't have to!

This is your Life & Energy Audit, so you get to pick and choose the parts you audit!

Will this Workshop be recorded and shared?

It will be Live videos inside a Pop-up Facebook Group. The Lives will stay up for a week after the Workshop is over to watch Live in the group. Those who qualify for Messenger Coaching, will get the recordings as well!

How do I ensure I qualify for Messenger Coaching?

By being one of the first 5 to grab your spot before the Workshop begins on January 3. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
I hope to see you there!
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