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Chesterfield County, VA
Local Services

Happily serving the Chesterfield County area down to Fort Lee in person! Face to face services listed below. Local clients are still welcome to utilize virtual services as well!

Local Services

Personal Space Cleansing/Blessing

Do you have spooky stuff happening in your home?

Does your space feel heavy or sad? Is your home built on the site of some tragedy, like a battleground?

A personal space cleansing and blessing removes heavy energy and energy left over from previous tenants and creates a sacred space for you and your family to fill with your energy!


New Journey Blessing

Opening a business?

Buying a new home?

Having a baby?

Whatever new journey you are starting, this blessing ceremony, complete with a prayer bundle called an Ayni Despacho is a powerful way to bring positive intentions to it! 


Fire Ceremony

A traditional fire ceremony is a powerful releasing experience. 

When there is something in your life, a bad habit, a limiting belief, pain from a past experience, a fire ceremony is an amazing way to release the old and create room for and invite in something new!


Business Space Cleansing/Blessing

Does your business space feel overwhelming with all the wisps of energy left by every person who has ever walked in the door? Are you ready to refresh the energy now that things are opening back up and set a new tone for your business?

A business space cleansing and blessing removes all the heavy and left over energy from the past and creates room for positive growth and expansion for your business!

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Business Space Cleansing/Blessing

Hi Melody! I want to let you know the business is doing well! Thank you so much.

We were concerned about our welcome on Main Street but the local chamber of commerce has offered a ribbon cutting ceremony! Can't thank you enough!


Cary S.

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