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3 tips for creating well-being after re-wounding.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Did you know that we can wound ourselves by telling our pain stories over and over and over? Think about it. Do you feel a rush of emotion every time you tell the story of the jerk who cheated on you or the best friend who stabbed you in the back?

That rush of emotion is like taking a scalpel and cutting the scar from that wound back open, every time you tell the story. Every time you identify with that past version of you, you are re-wounding. The great news is we can stop re-wounding any time we want!

Following are 3 Shamanic Practices that teach us how not to re-wound.


The Practice of Non-Suffering

The Practice of Non-Attachment

The Practice of The Beauty Way


The Practice of Non-Suffering teaches us to:

No longer write stories about our pain

No longer tell our pain story

No longer collude with the pain stories of others

Listen to the infinite wisdom of our guides and the Universe to stop creating the patterns


The Practice of Non-Attachment teaches us to:

Maintain our discernment by refusing to go along with other peoples opinions

Acquire a time transcending sense of ethics

Allow ourselves to embrace the limitless possibilities of the unknown


The Practice of The Beauty Way teaches us to:

Begin to perceive beauty even when what we are seeing is ugly

Realize that others guilt, fear, unhappiness, anger, etc. is meant as a lesson for us to

look within and see where those feelings reside in us


You might be thinking, "Wow, that seems like a lot to remember!" IT IS! So don't try to remember it all. Here are 3 tips to start with. Choose 1 that resonate with you and start there!

1. Stop telling your pain stories

When someone else is telling you a story about something awful that happened to them, don't relate back by telling them the details of your similar story! Instead, reframe it into something positive. "I get where you're coming from, I've experienced something similar. But you know what? I learned this amazing thing about what I want in the future from that experience!" Reframe the negative, into a positive!

2. Focus on what you are experiencing right here, right now

Realize that you are not your experiences! The you that is standing in your shoes right now is not the you that experienced those painful things in the past! The you that you are now is experiencing something different, right here, right now. Immerse yourself in your now, what's done is done there's no changing the past.

3. Look for the Beauty in your life

There is ALWAYS something beautiful in your current life! Always! The sun shines every day to warm our planet and cause plants to grow for us to enjoy and eat. There is an abundance of clean water on our planet! For most of us, that means when we turn on the faucet, boom, there it is. Clean water. Breathe in. Feel that? It's oxygen! Free to take as much as you need right this minute! On a clear night look up at the sky. All of those beautiful stars and the moon! (Since we're talking about the Moon, want to use Lunar energy to reset a relationship? KEEP READING!) Find the beauty and revel in it. It is always there for us to find when we look!


I hope these 3 tips are helpful to you! If so please Love and share this!

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