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7 years ago, I was homeless.

Updated: Sep 13

Every time I share that, I have to take a minute and let it sink in because it almost seems like someone else's life.


I literally had NOWHERE to live.

I was living where I grew up, in an unhealthy relationship that I was trying to untangle myself from. I had lost my job about 6 months earlier and my savings were all but gone. Without income, I couldn't afford the house I was still renting anymore and I didn't have the security deposit or the income to apply for a new, smaller (and cheaper) rental, not even a one-room apartment.

Making that call to my parents was one of the hardest things I had ever done. I had prided myself on standing on my own 2 feet, and not needing anyone's help, even though I had needed help more times than I cared to admit. Me feeling independent was paramount so how the f%ck did I end up in this situation???

As if all of that weren't enough, I was also dealing with extreme anxiety and depression leftover from an abusive relationship. I guess that's how I had allowed myself to become so dependent on the unhealthy relationship.

Shaking all over, I called my Mom and asked if they would like some company that weekend. Of course, they did, so I packed a weekend bag and left. While I was there, I applied for jobs and talked to my parents about wanting a change. Thankfully, they opened their home. I never had to get into the nitty-gritty of why I needed or wanted to move.

The job was the perfect excuse to only be back home on weekends because during the week I worked. It wasn't much of a job, and it didn't pay well but it helped me get much-needed space away from the constant reminders of the parts of my life I was ashamed of and I could at least pay my main bills. I was still spending too much on fuel running back and forth every weekend, and I wasn't getting the rest I needed working the 3rd shift and trying to sleep during the day.

About 6 months after moving I was introduced to knowledge that would change my life forever. It helped me heal my wounds from the laundry list of past abusive or unhealthy relationships. It helped me manage my anxiety and depression and eventually completely recover. All meds are gone.

My life is peaceful for the first time in, well, EVER. I am in an amazing relationship with someone who truly loves me, helps me grow, and pushes me at just the right times to be better.

I live in the most beautiful house in a great little neighborhood where people wave and say hello. I'm driving a safe and reliable car! (No more breaking down at work for me.) Money flows so much easier now than ever before.

Everything has changed in such amazing ways and I want all of you to have that too, and you can!

I'll be going deeper into what I learned that changed my life soon. You can find all of the details HERE. Click the link, grab your seat, and come join me on a life-changing journey!

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