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HOW TO lessen emotional triggers!

Have you ever had an overwhelming emotion grip you so hard it stops you DEAD IN YOUR TRACKS?

This was a daily occurrence for a client of mine when I met her. She had been married to an abusive spouse who also cheated, physically and financially (yes, financial infidelity is a thing that happens!). After the divorce, she began having panic attacks and was diagnosed with PTSD. She lived in a constant state of anxiety, never knowing when another panic attack would hit, or where, or who she was around. Panic attacks don’t care the who, what, where, when, or why. They just hit whenever and wherever you get triggered.

BONUS TIP: Use this technique IMMEDIATELY when you feel an INTENSE emotional reaction wash over you! Cross your arms over your chest and take control of your breath. Take several slow, deeeeeep breaths. Once you can take a full deep breath, box breathe! (details on box breathing below)

There are 4 main steps for permanently lessening emotional triggers. Done in order and over time, emotional triggers get smaller, and smaller, and smaller. Some disappear altogether. Here are the 4 steps in order, then we will discuss them in greater detail below.

  1. Clear the conscious programming/limiting beliefs

  2. Reprogram the conscious mind

  3. Clear the subconscious programming/limiting beliefs

  4. Reprogram the subconscious mind

So how do we clear the conscious mind? The easiest way is through box-breathing, and then meditation. When we can calm and clear the conscious mind using box-breathing and meditation, we can change our limiting beliefs over time using repetitive habits, such as affirmations and intentions. This is step 1, and step 2 smashed together!

Clearing the subconscious mind is easiest done through energy healing. During an Illumination, the energy of the emotion you feel is literally lifted out of your energy field. This creates a calmer, more uplifted feeling immediately, and opens up space in your subconscious mind for a new belief to be adopted.

A few of the techniques I use and teach for clearing the subconscious mind include the Illumination, The Mesa Proxy, and the Sand Painting Process. There is a wealth of knowledge inside my signature program, Creative Being Academy. It includes many tools, techniques, and processes for subconscious mind clearing and reprogramming. Some that anyone can use, and some that are only for those who choose to walk the path of the Shaman, and to live on the Medicine Wheel. Living on the Medicine Wheel is an amazing life-changing experience!

My clients and I have healed things like:

  • PTSD from abusive relationships

  • Self-sabotage

  • Low self-worth or self-esteem

  • Inability to trust others

  • Money worries

Shamanic Healing can be applied to heal so many issues! Click HERE to send me an email to ask about your specific issue. Let's see if Shamanic Healing can help you improve your life in the way I've seen it improve so many other lives!

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