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Intuition Activation! But am I really intuitive?

Have you every asked that question? "Am I really intuitive?"

Everyone. Is. Intuitive. Women more so. They don't call it "Women's Intuition" for no reason! Often we decided we aren't intuitive or that we can't trust out intuition when we think we know something and we end up being wrong, or when we experience similar situations multiple times.

For me it was narcissistic, abusive or totally self-centered men. I dated them, loved them and even married one! Somewhere through all of the relationship shit I experienced, I decided I couldn't trust my intuition because it was always wrong. I was always wrong. I truly believed that I would never be able to actually have a healthy relationship. I believed my intuition was shot.

It actually turned out that I was ignoring my intuition! It shocked the heck out of me when I realized. Like, "Wait. All this time I've been saying my intuition is off when it is actually me who is off!" That realization for me changed EVERYTHING!

After struggling through my own season of learning to utilize and trust my intuition and the years that have passed since have given me some keen insight into what it really takes to activate your intuition and learn to utilize it and trust it!

That's why I am offering a FREE 3-day Intuition Activation Challenge inside my Facebook Group! I will probably only offer it for free this 1 time, so jump in! You can find the Facebook Group here. Make sure you answer all the questions to be admitted into the group!

The dates are April 5, 6, 7 2021! There will be so much awesome content for you to ingest! I hope to see you there!

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