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What is Shamanic Healing?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Shamanic Healing is what changed my life. 6 years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD due to a severely abusive relationship. My experiences had taught me that men couldn’t be trusted. That men were liars and cheaters and only had their own interests in mind. I didn’t want to be alone so I resigned myself to being coupled up with less than what I desired.

As we go through life our experiences and how we feel about them teach us things about ourselves. Sometimes those things are true, and sometimes those things are not. My experiences in the abusive relationships taught me that I didn’t deserve love or truth. I learned that a fist to the face was followed by a whisper blaming me for his actions. I learned that it was normal and that everything was all my fault.

Of course you’re probably thinking, “But that isn’t true!” and you’re exactly right. None of it was true. It didn’t stop me from believing it. Truth or lie didn’t matter.

Shamanic Healing helped me change those beliefs. I now know that I am worthy of all that I desire! I now know that I am worthy of love and truth, of caring and affection. I now know that love feels so delicious!

My life has changed so drastically since that diagnosis that it lite a fire in me to help other women change their beliefs about relationships! And not just the romantic ones, I help with professional and personal relationships, including the relationship with your small business If you have one!

A typical session can take up to 90 minutes and we work on one belief at a time. Each session covers:

~ Removing dense energy

This is energy that has sat stagnant in your energy field for a while and kind of thickened to the point that your chakras can’t do their job and keep it moving and flowing.

~ Removing crystallized energy

Crystallized energy is dense energy that has sat for so long it solidifies.

~ Cutting energetic cords

~ Removing piggybacking entities

~ Soul retrieval

When we experience things in our life that are highly emotional or traumatic, sometimes a tiny sliver of our souls says “No way man, I’m out of here!” It splits off and heads back to the spirit realm to live in bliss. When we heal from the experience, that piece of our soul is ready to return. It brings with it a message, a spiritual gift and a power animal. Each of these is installed in your chakras and continues the healing work over the next 30-45 days.

~ Mythic mapping

This is where we take that original belief and we reframe it into a power statement

Did this bring up some specific questions for you? I’m happy to get on a 20 minute Zoom call with you to answer your questions! Click HERE to schedule your first healing session or your 20 minute Zoom call!


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