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The Mesa: A Shaman's portable alter and healing tools

I’ve often had people ask what I use during healing sessions with clients, and for my own healing as well. This morning during my meditation time I was inspired to share some tools of the trade with you.

To the left I have my rattle, used during ceremony, to open sacred space, open and close chakras, break up dense energy for easier removal and working within/waking up the energy field.

The pink spray bottle is Florida water which I like to call “Shaman spray”. It’s great for scrubbing my energy field and cleansing stones I’ve used during a ritual or healing session!

In the center are my khuyahs. These are my healing stones. They all correspond to something specific that I needed to heal while going through the medicine wheel the first time. They now assist me with my continued healing and when I am facilitating healing for others.

The green bag with the flower of life on it holds my ancestor stone. This is a stone that is passed down by my mentor to me, programmed from a stone yet mentor gave to her, which was programmed by her mentors mentor and on and on back into my Shamanic ancestors history.

The stone with the hole in the middle is a pie stone. It directs energy and I use it when giving the rites of the Munay-Ki, or Shaman’s rites, to future Shamans.

The fan and the feathers are used for smudging and for moving dense energy. I use the fan a lot during tai chi.

Last in the middle top is my pendulum which I use daily for a myriad of different things.

These are some of the tools of the Shaman trade. These are the healing tools that I travel with for my own work and work with others. I am planning a series of Lives going more in depth on some of these tools and their uses. Leave me a comment below letting me know which tools you are interested in learning more about!

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