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What is Energy Healing & 3 things to know when choosing a practitioner.

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

First, what is Energy healing? It may be easier to understand the concept of energy healing if you first understand what energy healing is not.

Energy healing is not: magic. It is subconscious and superconscious reprogramming.

Energy healing is not: instantaneous. It takes time and effort.

Energy healing is not: the easy way out. It is a process.

When choosing a practitioner, look for these three things.

  1. A practitioner who expects you to do your share of the work. As a Shaman, I am here to assist you with your work, I don’t do the work for you.

  2. A practitioner who sets expectations. Reprogramming our minds takes time. It is not instantaneous.

  3. A practitioner who builds support into your journey. Again, I am here to assist with and support your journey, as it is your journey to take.

When we talk about subconscious and superconscious reprogramming, we are talking about changing gut reactions to the things we see, hear, smell, taste and feel. We are changing gut reactions to what we experience. Humans are creatures of habit, and we all know that habits take time to break and change.

When we talk about gut reactions, a more explanatory word phrase would be gut re-enactions of past events and emotions. We reenact from the memories of things we experienced in the past. Our re-enactions become habits. Have you ever overreacted to a current situation and later realized that you overreacted because of something that happened in the past? Maybe you have a current significant other who does something that reminds you of your ex who really hurt you, broke your trust and the relationship ended badly. You may demand that your current lover go with you to counseling! They refuse because they don’t see the current situation as warranting couples counseling. You go away mad and hurt, and later when you’ve calmed down, you talk to them again and they help you see that the current situation can be worked out without the need for a professional. You realize you’ve overreacted, and you explain to your lover the experience that happened with your ex that shaped your current reaction to the situation you’re in now.

This reenacting of past events and emotions is what reprogramming is for. We reprogram our subconscious and superconscious mind using our ability to create habits. A good example of a habit we reprogram is thinking of adults who choose to practice quiet mind meditation and find it difficult. As children, we are sent to the corner and put in “time out” to think about what we’ve done wrong. This is a punishment that is used regularly. For some children what this actually does is programs us to “think” about our wrongdoings. Children live in different brain waves than adults. The natural brain waves of a child, Alpha and Theta waves, are what we achieve when we meditate. So children exist in a meditative state constantly up until about the age of 7. So when we put that child in the corner and demand they “think about what they’ve done wrong” we are programming them to think. Children don't really think about things like adults do. Children act on instinct, they live in a state of Be-ing, not a state of doing. Adults do. Children Be.

As adults when we choose to learn to meditate, in essence what we are doing is reprogramming the habits that our parents created in us as children. This is energy healing. Some methods of energy healing just help reprogram our minds faster and easier.

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this read! I appreciate your time and your attention! For more information on how I can support you through your journey of healing and reprogramming, please click below to schedule your free quick connection with me to ask your most pressing questions! Munay!

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