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What is the Luminous Energy Field?

The LEF or the aura as it is sometimes referred to is the energy field surrounding our bodies that is generated by our chakra system. It is doughnut shaped with a tunnel in the middle and it is how we interpret the world around us.

The LEF is where we store all of our experiences, physical, emotional, spiritual and soul. It's where the patterns and the past pain that separates us from a life of joy lives. This is what we clear when we heal.

Our LEF can hold all kinds of patterns from all kinds of places. From our current existence of course, and also from past lives and from our ancestors lives and experiences as well. If it is not maintained it can be a cacophony of the collective experiences of every one we come in contact with.

When someone is standing close to you, and you don't see them but you sort of "sense" them? That's your LEF letting you know that someone else has entered into your experience.

Every time we are in close proximity with another person it is an energetic exchange. Our luminous energy fields are literally weaving through each other in that moment. It's why for people who crave close physical proximity with other human beings have a hard time with staying 6' apart, as we are expected to due when in public right now.

For more information on the Luminous Energy Field please click here.

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