Struggling intuitives and spiritual entrepreneurs come to me to gain Mastery of their gifts to create the life they desire and deserve!

Whether your past stands in your way or your future scares the $&@% out of you, it's time to access the answers that are already inside you!

Your past experiences don't have

to hold you back...

Your anxiety over the future doesn't have

to paralyze you...

As an intuitive being, your relationship with yourself and your relationship with everything and everyone else are linked. What you create in your relationship with yourself you model everywhere else. The problem is, many times we don't see the correlation. Our mind doesn't want to make the connection, because secretly it's #1 goal is to keep you safe, and that means healing, growing and evolving as slowly as possible. 

I help intuitive individuals and spiritual entrepreneurs create the life they desire & deserve by teaching them the tools, techniques and skills Master their intuitive gifts so they can utilize them in successful ways!

Here's a secret... I've been working with energy for almost 3 decades so I know exactly what it takes to create your life on purpose. You're not doing anything wrong. You're not cursed. It's time to heal, grow and evolve and encourage your intuitive gifts and your business to do the same!


Stormy Weather

Do you worry over things you can't control?

Do you struggle with feast or famine mode?

Does overthinking keep you up at night?

Do you sabotage your own success?

Do crowded places make you uneasy?

Do you feel your own emotions and the emotions of others deeply?

Are you sensitive to people in pain?

Do you worry you might be crazy when you hear, see, smell, taste or feel something that others don't?

Do you get "gut feelings"?

Do you sometimes JUST KNOW a thing?

These are easy problems to fix!

Let me introduce you to Shamanic Healing.

Where we break limiting beliefs and reprogram into our minds what we really believe at our core!

When you learn how to create your life on purpose and have the ability to lead your business from a place of clarity, something Magical 


Happy Woman

Heal to Achieve

through our Shamanic Healing Services


From past hurts that still affect you

From past trauma you've lived through

From past abuse you've suffered

From financial feast or famine mode


In order to


Reprogram your subconscious mind.

Trust your intuition, so you can trust others!

Create the life you desire and deserve!

Manifest more abundance!

Intuitive Business Reading, Pamela M.
Intuitive Business Reading, Pamela M.

Intuitive Business Reading, Pamela M.

Shamanic Healing Sessions, Denise W.
Shamanic Healing Sessions, Denise W.

Shamanic Healing Sessions, Denise W.

Intuition Activation Review PM
Intuition Activation Review PM

Intuition Activation Review PM

Intuitive Business Reading, Pamela M.
Intuitive Business Reading, Pamela M.

Intuitive Business Reading, Pamela M.


Meet Melody

I'm a spiritual teacher and shaman with almost 30 years of experience in working with and teaching others to work with their own energy. As a certified shamanic healing practitioner and life coach, I coach struggling entrepreneurs on how to self-heal from past experiences that stand in their way, and fear of the future that keeps them stuck. Find out how your past is preventing you from stepping into the life & business you truly desire and deserve!

Work With Me

As an intuition activator and soul coach, here is how I can assist you with creating your life with intent and growing your intuitive gifts from a place of personal clarity.

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Individual Healing Services

For individuals at any point in their healing journey who want the benefit of an experienced healer on their side. Individual healing services are available by application only and spots are limited.*


Creative Being Academy

For intuitive individuals who want to take charge of their own healing and are ready to take themselves  to the next level! The Academy is designed for a small group to learn to self reference the answers that are inside them from a place of clarity!

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Local Services

~ Richmond, Va & Surrounding Area

For local individuals who prefer face to face interactions. These services include individual healing services, the Academy, space cleansings and business blessings along with other rituals.

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