"Heal to Achieve"

Teaching the tools, techniques and skills to balance living while enjoying life.

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Is this you?

  • I worry over things I can't control

  • My chest hurts from all the sadness

  • People's hurtful behavior really pisses me off

  • I'm tired of not sleeping because I can't stop the runaway thought train

  • This relationship feels hopeless

  • This relationship is draining

  • I don't recognize my life anymore

Is this you?

  • I control my life!

  • I soothe my sadness into joy!

  • Forgiving is easy for me!

  • I create effective boundaries!

  • My mind is quiet!

  • I sleep well!

  • I function at higher levels!

  • I know I can change my relationships!

  • My energy level is easier to maintain!

  • I create the life I desire and deserve!

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"Heal to Achieve" through Creative Be-ing Academy


From past hurts that still affect you

From trauma you've lived through

From abuse you've suffered


In order to


Reprogram your subconscious mind.

Trust your intuition, so you can trust others!

Create the life you desire and deserve!


"Working with Melody has been so freeing for me! She was open, honest and genuine in her desire to help me with what I sought to align!

She took time out to follow up which confirms her authentic positive desire to help! Melody is true to her gifts and I am so fortunate to have found her! There is no one I would have besides Melody to coach me through me own healing!"

Denise W.     September 6, 2018

Meet Melody

Hi there! I am Melody Morris, founder of Creative Be-ing Academy! Where gifted women are activated to use their gifts to heal themselves and others! I am so glad you are here and considering joining me on this incredible journey! 

For almost 3 decades I've worked to perfect my personal brand of energy work, drawing on my studies into multiple healing modalities from both a scientific and spiritual approach, life and relationship coaching, my own special abilities and all things energy, including Shamanism! This almost 30 years of experience and education is what I use to activate your special gifts, and show you how to use them to "Heal to Achieve"!

Get Instant Answers

to Your Questions!

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Introducing Creative Be-ing Academy!

Activate your self healing ability and learn to "Heal to Achieve"! 

Break out of the patterns that hold you back from creating the life you desire and deserve!

Ignite your soul's purpose and find passion again in your everyday life!

Learn to use your gifts to help others heal!

"Highly recommend! Partner with Melody to heal from past trauma that is keeping you from the transformation both you and the world deserves you to experience!"

Alexsandra V.     March 27, 2020

"I had a great outcome after working with Melody! She gave me great advice on how to move forward to achieve greater satisfaction in life.  I highly recommend working with Melody!"

Kristi S.     April 9, 2020

"Melody has a wonderful, calming way about her that immediately puts you at ease. I feel immense benefit following my sessions with her; and the ability to better control my emotions, reactions and direction in my life. I highly recommend Melody!”

Becky L.     February 26, 2019

Using my almost 30 years of experience in energy healing work, I activate gifted women to "Heal to Achieve"!

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The Medicine Wheel is a journey into yourself, where you shed the habits, beliefs and expectations that are not you, develop a connection with your intuition, and create your life the way you want to live it. Only by truly knowing yourself will you ever be able to truly know another!

Creative Be-ing Academy is designed around the Shaman's Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel

An upward spiral path that teaches you to release what holds you back from achieving the life you desire and deserve, and the daily practice and skills to maintain your journey forward!


In the South

Where your self healing abilities are

activated. You learn:

to work within your own "LEF" (luminous energy field) and the LEF of others to clear dense energy

the basic skills necessary to create your own daily self healing practice

how to be of the earth and not in it


In the West

Where you dive deeper into your own

subconscious and superconscious beliefs 

and fears. You learn:

the basics of ceremony

how to use ceremony for community healing

to deepen your connection to your spirit guides


In the North

Where you form a deeper connection with

your ancestry of healing. You learn:

to connect with your ancestors to receive the gifts they hold for you in the spirit realm

to establish open communication between yourself and your collective of guides

In the East

Where you step out of mundane life and

begin creating your life! You learn:

to intentionally create the life you desire and deserve!

Take 20 minutes to get your questions answered about how Creative Be-ing Academy can help you on your journey into the life you desire & deserve!

Join Creative Be-ing Academy and learn how to

"Heal to Achieve"! Break free of past hurts to begin creating the life you desire and deserve!

Take advantage of your special, first time client offer to see an immediate shift in how you feel, and experience what Creative Be-ing Academy teaches!

Using the skills and knowledge gained from your

time inside the Creative Be-ing Academy,

your options are limitless!

Get started today!

Activating your self healing abilities to "Heal to Achieve" will not only teach you the skills you need to break out of past hurts that hold you back and consciously create the life you desire and deserve, it also helps you know yourself and trust your intuition, with assistance and support along the way! Knowing yourself is the way to know others which is imperative for healthy, loving connections!

There is no time like the present to let go of the past hurts that keep you stuck in doubt and fear and stand in the way of the life you desire and deserve!

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~Proudly serving the Richmond, VA area in person~

All other areas served virtually.

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