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Helping women create the life you desire and deserve,
faster and easier!

We teach you tools, techniques, and skills to help you speed up the process and navigate the changes.

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I believe that the way we create a peaceful world is one woman at a time. 

Each woman that experiences radical change influences her sphere of influence, her household, her family, and her close friends. Who then influence their households, their families, and their close friends.

This is how we change the world: one woman at a time experiencing radical change!

Help with Lifes Struggles Melody Morris
  • Do you worry more than you want to

  • Does stress/anxiety run your life

  • Do you ever feel stuck

  • Do you HATE to argue

  • Are you ever stubborn and then regret it later

  • Do you ever struggle to trust people

  • Does fear keep you from being successful

  • Do you ever explode with negative emotions

  • Have you ever sabotaged your own success

  • Can you see other peoples perspectives in a disagreement

  • Do you ever worry about what other people think of you

All of these are caused by a lack of inner peace.

Cultivating Inner Peace can be easy.

Let me introduce you to Creative Being Academy.

What is Creative Being Academy, and why do I need it?

GREAT QUESTION! Creative Being Academy or CBA is an immersive journey into Inner Peace. In one-year you make radical changes to your life by learning more than 50 tools, techniques, and skills to help you cultivate Inner Peace.


What is the biggest thing that stands between you and Inner Peace?

Your past painful experiences (triggers).

Using the tools, techniques, and skills you learn through CBA radically changes your relationship with your triggers. They lessen, and lessen, and lessen, until one day like magic, they are just GONE.

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Happy Woman after Shamanic Healing Session

What is a trigger?


It's when you react emotionally to a current situation because it 'triggers' a thought pattern, a bad habit, or a reaction that was caused by a painful experience from your past. 

Creative Being Academy teaches you how to create radical change in your life by managing, reducing, and sometimes even completely removing your triggers!

One of two things happen. Either:

1. your old triggers don't trigger you anymore (some people call this healing or a healed state)


2. you see the possible trigger and you choose to get out ahead of it and respond from a place where you feel stable and capable, rather than emotional and out of control.

HOLY COW! Does Creative Being Academy really do all of THAT???

Yes.     It does.

Do you want to know how to create radical change in your life?


Do you want to know how to cultivate inner peace?

Do you want to know how to create a clear roadmap to your desired life?

Do you want to leave your painful past experiences where they belong? (In the PAST.)

Creative Being Academy teaches you how to radically change your life, so that you create your life on purpose, from a clear roadmap, feeling capable and stable. When you have tools, techniques, and skills to create radical change and cultivate Inner Peace, something Magical happens!


Everything you need to radically change your life by cultivating inner peace is waiting for you to click the button!


Denise W.     CEO

Working with Melody has been so freeing for me!

Her openness, honesty, and genuine desire to help me blew me away. 

She is true to her gifts and I am so fortunate to have found her.

She has a client for LIFE!

Rebecca L.     Human Resources

When I met Melody, I was an emotional wreck and on the verge of losing my job. I'd been through a nasty divorce and had a lot of healing to do.

After working with Melody for a few months, my work life and personal life have improved drastically! 

I no longer lash out when someone behaves in a way that reminds me of my ex-husband.

I am so glad I found her! Meeting her changed my life for the better! 

Pamela M.     Entrepreneur

Melody speaks in a language that makes difficult concepts easy to understand.  

She pulled out of me what I already knew to be true but rarely talked about. 

She focused on exactly what I needed when I waffled. 

She is definitely tapped into her higher power!

Two thumbs way, way UP!

Meet Melody

Hello, hello! I am Melody Morris, inspirational speaker & author, and modern-day Shaman, with nearly 3 decades of experience in energy work. I currently work with and teach women to radically change their life by cultivating inner peace. Find out how to cultivate inner peace by releasing the past painful experiences that are preventing you from stepping into the life you truly desire and deserve!


I love, love, LOVE speaking to women entrepreneur groups about how our brains and bodies are wired and how to work with our wiring and not against it. For details on speaking, please send me an email with details of the event by clicking HERE.

Melody Morris Shamanic Healer

Work With Me

As a modern-day Shaman, here are some of the ways I can assist you with cultivating Inner Peace and creating your desired life from a clear personal roadmap!

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Inner Peace

For women at any point in their journey who want the benefit of an experienced Life Coach and Shaman on their side. Heal from old wounds and cultivate inner peace! Individual integration services are available below. Evening hours are limited.*



For women who want to take charge of their own Inner Peace journey and are ready to take themselves to the next level! Creative Being Academy is designed for a small group to learn how to cultivate Inner Peace. Creative Being Academy teaches you how to find the answers that are already inside you and trust them!

Have more questions I haven't answered here?

Book a quick connection with me by clicking below to see what radical and Inner Peace may look like for you.