Melody Morris Shaman

Turning your past pain into current strengths!

Using my signature integration process, Master the tools, techniques, and skills to remove current obstacles caused by past pain!

How many times have you been sitting with a friend, listening to a story about something crazy going on in their life, and you think, "I know how that feels! I have this thing that happened that matches!" When you share your story in the right way, a few things happen:


1) your friend may feel that their emotions are valid

2) they may  feel less alone or crazy

3) you work through some of how you felt and what you experienced (you heal)

4) this past pain becomes more of a current strength

But what about those stories that you can't tell? What about the stories that still grip you with anger or fear or guilt or sadness so hard that you can't bring yourself to actually form words? What about the stories you are too embarrassed to tell or are afraid you'll be judged harshly if you share? How do you process through those?

One way you process through them is by using my signature Integration Process. Integration is the act of combining one thing with another to create a unified whole. Combining your past pain with what you know now to create unified current strengths. Your past doesn't have to hold you back! THIS is exactly what I do! I teach you the tools and techniques to help you remove your current obstacles by figuring out what past pain they stem from and then digging them out by the roots. You're left with pristine soil to plant a brand new powerful and empowering truth-based belief!


Here's a secret... I am extrasensory which means I feel, hear, see and know things that I have no way to feel, hear, see and know, so I've been working with and helping other people with their emotions for 3 decades. I have the knowledge and experience to guide you into integration by teaching you the tools and techniques you need to develop the skills to create your desired life on purpose. You're not doing anything wrong. You're not cursed. Your past pain doesn't have to hold you back. Pain can be a point of strength when it is integrated!


Are you ready to create your roadmap to your desired life by integration? Now is the time! Learn, grow, evolve, and integrate. For Your desired life!

Help with Lifes Struggles Melody Morris

Do you worry over things you can't control?
Do you struggle with feast or famine mode?
Is there always more "month" than money?
Does fear keep you from acting?
Do you worry about failing?

Does overthinking keep you up at night?
Do you lose sleep over money worries?

Do you sabotage your own success?
Do crowded places make you uneasy?
Do you feel your own emotions and the emotions of others deeply?
Are you sensitive to people in pain?
Do you worry you might be crazy when you hear, see, smell, taste or feel something that others don't?
Do you get "gut feelings"?
Do you sometimes JUST KNOW a thing?

These are easy problems to fix!

Let me introduce you to the Art of Integration.

Where you integrate past pain with current knowledge to create a clear roadmap to your desired life!

When you learn how to create your life on purpose and have the ability to lead your business from a clear roadmap, something Magical 

happens! Everything you need for clarity is waiting for you to click the button!

Happy Woman after Shamanic Healing Session
Intuitive Business Reading, Pamela M.
Intuitive Business Reading, Pamela M.

Intuitive Business Reading, Pamela M.

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Shamanic Healing Sessions, Denise W.
Shamanic Healing Sessions, Denise W.

Shamanic Healing Sessions, Denise W.

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Intuition Activation Review PM
Intuition Activation Review PM

Intuition Activation Review PM

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Intuitive Business Reading, Pamela M.
Intuitive Business Reading, Pamela M.

Intuitive Business Reading, Pamela M.

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Meet Melody

Hello, hello! I am so happy you are here! I am a speaker, modern-day Shaman, and Integration Guide, with 30 years of experience in working with and teaching others to remove obstacles created by past pain. As a certified shamanic healing practitioner and life coach, I teach struggling entrepreneurs the Art of Integration. Find out how to release the past experiences that are preventing you from stepping into the life & business you truly desire and deserve! I love, love, LOVE speaking to women entrepreneur groups about how we are wired and how to work with our wiring and not against it. For details on speaking, please send me an email with details of the event by clicking HERE.

Melody Morris Shamanic Healer

Work With Me

As an Integration Guide and modern day Shaman, here are some of the ways I can assist you with creating your desired life from a personal, clear roadmap!

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Individual Integration Services

For individuals at any point in their journey who want the benefit of an experienced Integration Guide on their side. Individual integration services are available below. Evening hours are limited.*


Creative Being Academy

For individuals who want to take charge of their own integration journey and are ready to take themselves  to the next level! The Academy is designed for a small group to learn to self reference the answers that are inside them from a place of clarity!

Have more questions I haven't answered here?

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