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Shamanism Training by Melody Morris

The Medicine Wheel Mentorship

Where ancient wisdom meets modern neuroscience knowledge.

Teaching spirit-led entrepreneurs the ancient Tools, Techniques, and Skills to master Conscious Creation so you can co-create the Life & Business of your dreams!

Shaman's Healing Tools/Mesa
Image by Zachary Kadolph

You're not here by accident.

You've been guided here so you can realize your greatest potential in life & business!

Let me guess, you can feel your potential & purpose beckoning you BUT...

  • You've experienced past trauma that still triggers you into fight, flight, fawn, or freeze

  • You feel stuck or stagnant and you're not sure how to change it

  • You think you might be intuitive but you doubt yourself and want to feel more trust in the messages you receive

  • There's a nagging sense of doubt and fear that you can't quite shake

  • You're tired of constant overwhelming or debilitating emotions

  • You wish you had more clarity about which direction your life is going and how to be more intentional about it

  • You wish you didn't feel like life is a constant struggle with everyone and everything

  • You're tired of "hustle culture" telling you that you have to stay in a constant state of burnout and adrenal fatigue to be "successful"

If only you had the right tools to move past these energetic blocks and step into your Conscious Creation power!

There's good news!

The tools and techniques of the greatest guides and healers are available to you right now!

~ Tools to heal from trauma so the past no longer holds you back
~ Techniques to develop and grow your intuition and your level of trust in the nudges you receive
~ Skills you can develop to cultivate unshakeable peace and stability in your mind, body, and spirit


Introducing the Conscious Creation Mentorship!

The Conscious Creation Mentorship is a year-long intensive self-healing journey that teaches you exactly how to use ancient wisdom and shamanic practices to clear your energetic blocks, get solidly in touch with your own inner wisdom and consciously co-create the life and business your soul has been craving.

Shamanism Training by Melody Morris

Following the carefully crafted journey of self-discovery and self-healing in the Conscious Creation Mentorship will teach you how to:

  • Trust yourself and your guidance

  • Release painful recurring patterns that keep you stuck

  • Change your subconscious beliefs around what is possible

  • Release the pressure of other people's expectations

  • Change your bad habits and cultivate aligned action

  • Use your intuition to make the most aligned decisions for you

  • Find freedom in being who you are

  • Use your gifts to bless others, if you choose to

  • Direct your life and business without burnout

  • Increase your flow of abundance

  • Increase your time and energy freedom

You'll no longer feel like you're hiding your true self.

You'll no longer feel like you aren't doing enough to make a difference in the world.

You will be able to find your path to doing exactly what you were meant to!

Why did I create the Conscious Creation Mentorship?

Hi! I'm Melody Morris and I've been highly intuitive and claircognizant my entire life. As early as 15 I began channeling intuitive messages and could answer questions that were beyond my years. As long as I can remember people have been drawn to me and comfortable sharing their deepest grief and pain. The answers and solutions for other people have always been perfectly clear to me.

Melody Morris

I hear it all the time.

Your work, your relationships, your business or other aspects of your life are just not flowing smoothly. You know change needs to happen, and you want it to. You want to find some ease and flow and you're just not sure how to.

You can't let your intuition shine because you don't trust it. You feel it deep in your gut or hear it or see it in your mind's eye as clear as day, and somewhere deep you know it's true, but your life experience has taught you not to trust it.

You learn all kinds of things from other people, especially as a child. You've picked up their habits, their beliefs, and their expectations of you. It becomes like a weight around your neck and you want it GONE!

You are afraid of hurting someone else's feelings, letting them down, or being judged, so you edit your words and sugarcoat what you really think. On some level you know this really isn't helpful, you're just not sure how to change the habit.

As a child you were taught, "Children should be seen and not heard." Only you being "seen and silent" followed you well into adulthood. You have strong opinions but don't share them because of that childhood programming.

There are times that you don't know how, but deep in your bones you KNOW something is true. Maybe it's a voice in your head, an image, a feeling, or a physical sensation. The feeling freaks you out and you decide you'll be called crazy so you keep it to yourself. Then later on exactly what you knew would happen, did.

You hold yourself back from doing things that really make you happy, maybe you'll be judged or you'll have to defend yourself, and it's easier to just hold back.

You see yourself living out the same patterns that others in your family have. (Sometimes called generational curses.)

You feel totally out of control when it comes to creating a happy life for yourself.

The Conscious Creation Mentorship was designed with you in mind!

I can't heal every single one of you... but I CAN  teach you how to heal yourself!

Image by Clay Banks

Look at how just ONE technique helped Denise

Working with Melody has been so freeing for me! She was open, honest, and genuine in her desire to help me. I am able to process my thoughts and emotions and release those that do not serve me. I no longer feel "stuck". Melody is a true gift and I am so fortunate to have found her. She has a client for life!

Denise W. CEO


You'll get more than 50 tools, techniques, and skills to consciously create your life and business!

For the last 30 years, I have collected experiences and data to carefully craft this important journey, that helps people like You consciously create by reprogramming your subconscious mind, releasing societal indoctrination, and healing from past painful experiences. 

The Conscious Creation for Life and Business Mentorships comes in four sections, named after the cardinal directions. Each direction holds 4 modules: Foundations, Practices, Techniques, and Application with up to 12 lessons in each.

Get your questions answered and apply for a spot by clicking below.



The Conscious Creation Mentorship and the Cardinal Directions

The Mentorship is 30 years of life experiences and research into neuroscience, neurology, and quantum physics combined with traditional shamanic principles condensed into the tools, techniques, and skills that I have found work the best and the fastest.

This year-long mentorship is divided into the four Cardinal Directions, which will be present, practiced, and refined by quarter, in the following order:

The Cardinal Directions

Shamanic Medicine Wheel South Direction

South ~ Clearing

​How to release old "stuff" that no longer serves you

  • Shed past pain

  • the Practice of Non-Judgement​

  • the Illumination Process

  • Decoupling Tool

  • Sand Painting Technique

Shamans Medicine Wheel Training West Direction

West~Inner Healing

How to release fear and doubt

  • Become a Luminous Warrior

  • Receive Ancestral Gifts

  • the Practice of No Colluding​

  • Clearing Physical Spaces

  • Shadow Work

  • Kutti Cleanse

Shamans Medicine Wheel Training North Direction

North ~ the Soul

How to step into your soul's journey

  • Connect with Ancient Wisdom

  • Clearing Karmic Contracts

  • the Practice of Simplicity​

  • Energy Cord Cutting

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Soul Gifts Retrieval

Shamans Medicine Wheel Training East Direction

East ~ the Essential

How to step into your Eternal Being

  • Dream your world into reality

  • Destiny Retrieval

  • Spirit Flight

  • Transit Sand Painting​

  • 7 Chakra Illumination

  • the Great Spiral


Healing Rites of the Munay-ki

You will receive eight of the nine healing rites of the Munay-ki. They are energetic activations that reinform your DNA and when applied, can completely change the trajectory of your life! You will have the option to accept the ninth rite once you have completed the final direction, the East. 

Some other tools, techniques, and skills included are:

  • The Illumination Process - How we clear and balance the energy field

  • Decoupling - Great for grounding and transmuting anxiety or panic

  • Sand Painting - A powerful personal transmutation technique for creative beings

  • Ayni Despacho - A blessing bundle that is constructed and burned

  • Shadow Work - Integration process that helps us accept all parts of ourselves

  • Crystallized Energy Removal - How we remove energy that has been stagnant for so long it has solidified

  • Kutti Cleanse - a fun group exercise to whisk away heavy energy

  • Energetic Cord Cutting - How we separate ourselves from energy vampires

  • Soul Retrieval - Where gifts to help you heal are installed into your energy field

  • Fire Ceremony - A group transmutation ceremony (can also include Ayni Despacho)

  • 7 Chakra Illumination - To quickly empty and balance the energy field

  • The Great Spiral - How we assist in someone's death experience

  • and More!

You will learn how to work with:

  • the Full and New Moon for healing and conscious creation

  • Stone grids for transmuting and infusing energy

  • Candles for transmuting energy

  • Infusing Elemental energy

  • Several methods for meditation to help you find what works best for you

You will also have monthly 1:1 or group mentoring sessions, as well as unlimited e-mail and Voxer access during your time in the mentorship to help you fully master, personalize, and integrate each of your new tools!


What's inside the classes:

Conscious Creation Mentorship                  $4,000 value

Guest Expert Classes                                      $2.500 value

Monthly Group Mentoring Sessions          $1,000 value

Unlimited E-mail & Voxer Acces                  $2,000 value

BONUS #1 Moon Creation                             $500 value

BONUS #2 Stone Grid Transmutation       $500 value

BONUS #3 Meditation Techniques             $750 value

BONUS #4 Elemental Work                           $250 value

TOTAL VALUE                                                   $11,500 

What comes with the shamans Medicine Wheel Training with Melody Morris

I want to help you become the intuitive, creative being that you are, so for now I'm offering the Conscious Creation Mentorship, all of the bonuses, and 12 months of guided mentorship for $4,950!

*Not quite sure this is what you need right now? Click HERE for something else that can help you get started!

Payment Plan

$750 deposit at the time of enrollment


$350 per month for 12 months


How long does it take?

The entire mentorship takes a year, with 2-3 days of class in month 1, 4, 8, and 12. The class is over once you go through the East. At this point you will have all of the tools you need to continue your journey!

What if I don't want to help others heal?

You don't have to! The Mentorship is a personal journey first and foremost. What you choose to do with your skills after you finish are totally up to you!

Will I need additional classes later on?

Not unless you choose to! The Mentorship will give you all of the basic tools, techniques, and skills you need to consciously create your life and become the intuitive and creative being that you are. You can always add specialized skills afterward if you choose to.

Are there other requirements for the Academy?

Yes, You will need a few supplies to create a mesa, which is a portable altar. Specific instructions for this will come with each class. I created mine for about $100.

Graphic Spiral

What kind of Transformation can I actually expect from this Mentorship?

Real Talk: This Mentorship is not a promise that your life and business will be perfect, or that you will never struggle or face challenges or feel pain. What it does promise is that you will have a kit full of tools, techniques, and skills to navigate the inevitable contrast that is a natural part of our physical reality. Just as light and dark are consistent, positive and negative are consistent, pain and pleasure are consistent, and stillness and expansion are consistent, your consistent use of the tools, techniques, and skills that you learn inside The Mentorship will help you Master the art of navigating normal contrast. The unique transformation you experience will directly correlate to the time and effort you put into it and you will be fully supported in creating a consistent habit!

Not quite ready to invest that amount in yourself?

No worries! I have other services available to help you stress less, ditch anxiety, overcome overwhelm, and find clarity from confusion! Schedule a quick 15-minute chat with me and I'll give you my best advice, even if it isn't me!

6-week Stress Less
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