Individual Virtual Healing Services

Akashic Records Intuitive Reading by Melody Morris

Akashic Record Intuitive Reading

Akashic Record Intuitive Readings are available for personal and business questions.

For more info on the Akashic Records scroll down. 

Shamanic Healing Sessions

This package of 4 healing sessions over 90 days is a cost effective way to continue your healing journey with the assistance of a healer!

Introduction to Shamanic Healing with Melody Morris

30 Day Introduction to Shamanic Healing

This 30 day introduction to Shamanic Healing is only available to first time healing session clients. 2 healing sessions and 2 adjust and align sessions over 30 days.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a compendium of every past, present or future event, every thought, every emotion felt, every intent and word spoken in any Universe. It is like the library of congress of Universes. The Records reside in another dimension called the Akasha. It's a super computer system with instant access to information from any point in the past, present or current path future instantaneously. EVERYTHING and everyone has an Akashic Record. 

The Records give us clarity on the past, on our present and the potential of the future we are currently headed towards. It gives us the most likely outcome of our current path. They are the most significant spiritual resource we have access to!

The Records are kept by our Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, or the Lords of Akasha. We ask them questions, they retrieve the answers and deliver them in a way we can understand in the moment. They are not fortune tellers, so open ended questions are highly recommended!

Solo Intuitive Reading with Melody Morris

Individual Intuitive Session

30 minutes of 1:1 time

You choose personal or business and prepare questions in advance. As many questions as we can get to in 30 minutes.


Small group intuitive reading with Melody Morris

Small Group Intuitive Session

Up to 15 minutes per participant in a small group setting. These can be personal or business related. You prepare 3 questions beforehand.



"My Akashic Record Intuitive Reading with the Wonderland in Tarot Cards - there's too much I learned in a 30 minute conversation to list in a simple review! Melody focused in on exactly what questions to ask when I waffled. She gave me particularly good advice when I seemed confused, and the longer I am from the reading, the more I am seeing the (business) opportunities she spoke of, and where my energy was completely blocked. We even had a few more minutes to answer a question that was totally unrelated, but needing answering anyways. I highly recommend her intuitive readings, she is certainly tapped in with her higher power. Two thumbs way, way up!"

Pamela M.

Shamanic Healing Session with Melody Morris

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Are you feeling stuck in your relationships, your work or your money? Have you tried making changes and find that the problems persist, despite your best efforts? 

When we experience traumatic events, mental and emotional pain, struggle and disappointments, we are left with limiting beliefs and stories that we believe to be true that cause us to continue creating the pain that we felt. Even though we move forward through life, these limiting beliefs become patterns that affect us moving forward. 

Think of it like pulling weeds from a garden bed. You can pull the weed right down to the soil but if you don't remove the root the weed comes right back. This is what Shamanic Healing does. We weed out the limiting beliefs by the root!


During a Shamanic Healing Session we track back to the original situation or "wounding" in your past that created these unwanted patterns and emotions and gently remove the heavy energy and emotions associated. Leaving you feeling lighter and more free, with a window of opportunity to reprogram your subconscious!

Intro to Shamanic Healing with Melody Morris

Try a 30 day intro to Shamanic Healing

This is where most people choose to start with Shamanic Healing! This 30 days of intensive work with 2 Shamanic Healing Sessions and 2 Adjust and Align Sessions is sure to put you on the path to success in your healing journey!

*This service is available for first time healing session clients only. $397

90 days of Shamanic Healing with Melody Morris

90 Days of Shamanic Healing

This is a great way to continue your healing journey with Shamanic Healing! This 90 day package includes 4 Shamanic Healing Sessions and 2 Adjust and Align Sessions. This is the best value for continuing the work you've started!

*This service is available for all clients. $625


When Rebecca found herself single, raising a daughter and a son alone and having to move back in with her parents to make ends meet, she was an emotional wreck. Unable to concentrate at work, doubting her self worth and unsure of how to right herself again, she began working with me to work through the pain of her husband's departure. After 4 months of working together, she is now in a healthy relationships with a man she adores, has found joy in her work again and knows how to trust herself to make the best decisions for her family. 

"I no longer second guess my intuition, and it is much easier for me to know which decision is best for my family in the long run. I am in a stable, loving relationship with a man who brings me so much joy and I no longer worry myself to the point of being physically sick! The passion I've been able to pour into my work got me promoted and I am in a much more stable financial position. I no longer expect to be abandoned or left, and it hasn't happened again!"

Rebecca L.