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Work with the expert on creating the life you desire and deserve!

Creative Be-ing Academy

Take your journey into your own hands and learn the skills to create the life you desire and deserve!

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Home/Business Space Clearing

Great for clearing out the heaviness that accumulates in homes and businesses! *Richmond, VA area*

What is Creative Be-ing Academy?

Creative Be-ing Academy "the Academy" is a journey into yourself and into a deeper connection with your inner wisdom, your spirit guides and your intuitive gifts. Over a one year period we meet 4 times, for 3-4 days at a time, 4-8 hours per day. This can be in person near Richmond, VA or virtual via ZOOM!


The Academy includes:

  • the Shamanic Medicine Wheel from the Peruvian tradition of the Q'ero

  • Intuitive practices deepening your connection to your intuition, inner wisdom and guides

  • Tarot stories

  • Self healing techniques and skills

  • Meditation techniques

  • Ceremony leadership skills

What is approaching your life still holding on to the pain of the past costing you?


  • Do you feel like your life and relationships are a constant struggle?

  • Do you want a life you feel passionate about?

  • Do you struggle with finances?

  • Do you struggle with relationships?

  • Do you want to feel joy again in your life and relationships?

  • Are you tired of feeling fear, regret, guilt or sadness all the time?

  • Are you tired of sabotaging your own success?

  • Do you know you are meant for more, but don't know where to start and don't have the expertise or courage to try it alone?

  • Are you ready to let go of bad habits that you learned from other people?

  • Are you ready to change your thinking and focus on your own life instead of worrying about what others think?

  • Do you want to choose your own life instead of feeling like someone else is choosing it for you?

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Do any of these sound familiar?

I've experienced so much abuse in the past I don't know how to trust anymore.

My emotions are totally out of control because of my past.

I know there are gifts inside me and I really want to grow deeper in them!

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Try a 30 day intro to Creative Being

Learn to begin:

  • Leaving hurtful, recurring emotional patterns in the past

  • Changing your subconscious/superconscious beliefs

  • Creating the life you desire & deserve

This introduction to Shamanism helps you process through some of the heavy emotions you are feeling in the moment, and provides practical application for beginning to create what you desire!

*This service is available to first time clients only! $397

Hi! I'm Melody!

Founder of the Creative Be-ing Academy.

I've been working with energy since I was 9. My fascination began when I learned how to help my Mom control her pain level after a likely fatal diagnosis brought on by a car accident. I've expanded that thirst for knowledge into many more amazing skills over the last almost 3 decade! I've helped women "Heal to Achieve" by teaching them to energy alignment skills and practices that I use on a daily basis! Women that I have worked with have released pain from rape, bad breakups, death of a loved one, being separated from their children and more. I've helped earth bound spirits find their way home after a traumatic death. I've even helped clear the goosebumps feeling from houses that wouldn't sell and helped new families find joy in them! 

Once I realized this sensitivity to energy was a gift and I could use it to help others, I stopped trying to fit in, I stopped sugar coating my thoughts and I stopped always doing what was expected!

Now, I help women create the lives they desire and deserve by teaching them to "Heal to Achieve" through the Creative Be-ing Academy!

Melody Morris Founder of Creative Be-ing Academy

Rebecca Lewis

When Rebecca found herself single, raising a daughter and a son alone and having to move back in with her parents to make ends meet, she was an emotional wreck. Unable to concentrate at work, doubting her self worth and unsure of how to right herself again, she began working with me to work through the pain of her husband's departure. After 4 months of working together, she is now in a healthy relationships with a man she adores, has found joy in her work again and knows how to trust herself to make the best decisions for her family. 

"I no longer second guess my intuition, and it is much easier for me to know which decision is best for my family in the long run. I am in a stable, loving relationship with a man who brings me so much joy and I no longer worry myself to being physically sick! The passion I poured into my work got me promoted and I am in a much more stable financial position. I no longer expect to be abandoned or left, and it hasn't happened again."

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Creative Being Academy creates the atmosphere required to:

  • Trust yourself again (this is the only way to trust others!)

  • Release painful recurring patterns

  • Change your subconscious beliefs

  • Release the pressure of other's expectations

  • Use your intuition to make the best decisions for you

  • Break the habits that are costing you relationships

  • Find freedom in being who you are

  • Use your gifts to bless other

  • Create the live you desire & deserve!

You'll no longer feel like you're hiding your heart from the world.

You'll no longer feel like what you've had in the past is all you'll ever get.

You will find your path to a happy, fulfilling life that you get to design!

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What you get valued at:

  1. Medicine Wheel Training                      $3,000

  2. Healing work w/other students               $900

  3. Monthly coaching w/Melody                $1,800

  4. Unlimited E-mail access                       $1,300

     Total Value:               $7,000

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$7,000 for everything you get in that power packed 12 months is so worth it!​

But I'm not going to charge you $7,000.

I want to show you how your life can change when you heal your past hurts, so the entire Creative Be-ing Academy is available now for one payment of $3,000 or 6 payments of $625 for the entire 12 months. That's a HUGE SAVINGS!

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