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Autopilot & Identity...

You know how sometimes you get in your car headed someplace and you get into that zone of just driving. Not really paying attention to where you are or where you’re going. It's like you zone out. You’re driving on autopilot. Then you realize you’ve parked and you look around and you think, “wait. How in the hell did I get here???” You’ve arrived, but you’ve arrived at a very different place than where you intended. Ok, keep this in mind while we change rabbit holes real quick...

Who is Melody? Personally, I am still the same me that many of you know. I’m still loving and goofy and talkative and I don’t know a stranger. I tame dogs with my charming personality and love for them, and the one who will gladly climb a fence in flip flops for the chance to cup my hands around a horse's muzzle. I haven’t changed except to grow and it’s all been amazing growth!

Then who is Melody as the leader of Creative Be-ing Academy? Now that me has changed! I’ve found my voice. I’ve found my passion. I’ve found what I am AMAZING at. And I’m ready to share it with the world.

I activate gifted women to "Heal to Achieve", which means teaching them how to let go of past hurts that hold them back, and then teach them how to create the lives they truly desire and deserve.

I’m passionate about my craft. I love the way of life that I have cultivated for myself with my almost 30 years of experience with energy healing methods! I will talk endlessly on the life changing power of CST/Shamanism, meditation, tarot and the use of our “clair” senses and ancestral knowledge. I love teaching others what I know! If you are interested in any of those topics then you are still very much in the right place!

If not, feel free to disappear into the night. I promise I won’t be mad or offended. 😊 I want to be surrounded by people who love what I love, people who are passionate about what I’m passionate about, and people who want to live the way they want to live with all of their witchy shit in tow!

Eeeerrrrrkkkkk! HARD BRAKE! Remember that autopilot driving we were talking about? THAT is what 2020 was for me. I had been on autopilot for I’m not even sure how long, and when I realized where I was I was shocked! “This is NOT where I want to be!” Thankfully, I wasn’t physically in the wrong place, only my business was! The year of 2020 was a year of crystal clear vision for me. Seems appropriate, "2020 vision" and all. That’s what I’ve been calling it. The year of 2020 vision. Because I woke up from autopilot, realized I was totally in the wrong place and had to do some traveling, some soul searching, some WORK to get back to where I wanted to be. Centered. Aligned. Loving. Passionate and sharing that passion with ENTHUISIASM!!! I had to do some work to get back to ME.

Now it’s 2021 and like a butterfly from its chrysalis I finally feel ready to reveal myself to the world. The “not new” me, but the whole me. Because who you’ve seen in my business arena has been a shadow. A stunt double. A not so decent copy.

So here I am, in all my witchy & woo glory! Who wants to hang, cause I’m game! Who said we can't grow, change and evolve anyway?
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