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Nobody really ever wants to hear this but...

Like good old George "I cannot tell a lie!"

The truth is, changing your mindset from "just getting by" to wealthy, isn't easy. It takes work. Repetition. Trying and failing. Trying again. Failing again. Using different techniques and experimenting.

Until you find what works "for you".

What works for me may work for you, or it may not. Which is why I have tools in my toolbelt that I teach to clients that don't work for me. Because you may be just the person to implement a tool I teach and go wealthy like gangbusters!

Never underestimate the power of the gray space between your ears! Like my client Kelly who lost 35 lbs in 90 days after implementing just one process that I taught her. Or Sarah who increased her revenue by 30% and hired an assistant so she could work with even more clients! Or like me, who truly healed from old toxic and abusive relationships and created peace in my lfie and a relationship that makes my heart soar.

Wealth is more than money. It's an abundance of time which Sarah found when she hired an assistant and increased her revenue even more by opening up space for more clients instead of wasting her time and talents on busy work that someone else could easily do. She now gets to play full out in her zone of genius and finds fullfillment in her work instead of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

Wealth is also a healthier body like what Kelly found when she quickly and easily released excess weight that was keeping her from feeling her best. The extra weight quite literally weighed her down and kept her from enjoying physical activities with her husband, like dancing, which they both enjoy. They're back on the dance floor now and happier than ever!

For me wealth is about freedom of movement. It's about peace in my home. It's about creating a comformtable and welcoming environment where our friends and family can always get away from the sometimes harshness of everyday life.

What does wealth mean for you? Let yourself imagine it. See yourself as the wealthy person that you want to be. Get clear about what you're wearing, how you feel, what you look like, etc. The more clear you are the better your chances of making it there!

Is your brain saying, "You can't be rich and kind!" or "Rich is for 'other people', not you!" or "You have to work really, really hard to be rich!" or "More money, more problems." then we need to chat. I call these thoughts wealth blocks. We all have them. None of these wealth blocks are true and it just takes a little bit of reprogramming to start to shift them.

To get deep into your blocks and change them, check out my Medicine Wheel Mentorship HERE. This set of tools, techniques, and skills will help you say bye bye to your wealth blocks!

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