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How do I lessen anxiety when it affects my body?

I used to deal with extreme anxiety so I know exactly where this question is coming from. One thing I noticed, when I was in that anxious state my thoughts would keep me there. It became like a runaway train, a runaway thought train where one anxious thought led to another, which led to a third and a fourth and on and on, like a runaway train. Eventually you end up feeling the momentum of the thoughts hurtling you a million miles a minute down a train track towards a bridge that collapsed.

There are a few ways to lessen anxiety in the body. One way is through the mind which is where the anxiety is coming from. These are my top 5 "mind tips" for lessening anxiety!

1. Take a nap

2. Set an intention (before you sleep)

3. Write an affirmation (to go with your intention)

4. Be easy with yourself

5. Practice meditation

MIND TIP #1: At that moment, sometimes the best thing to do is SLEEP. When we sleep our conscious mind shuts down. All conscious thoughts stop. We can’t think while we are asleep. When your anxious thoughts are completely out of control, go to bed. Take a nap. When you wake up you have a choice and a short window of time to choose a different topic of thought. Once you understand that you have this unique opportunity right after waking up, you have a newfound power! You have a tool and can actually DO something about stress and anxiety! Take this opportunity to choose a topic that feels better!

MIND TIP #2: This is an awesome opportunity to practice setting intentions as well. Before you go to sleep at night or before a nap, set an intention. A good example would be “When I wake up it is my intention to choose a better feeling topic of thought.” Good intentions will almost always be positive intentions. There’s actual science behind this! When we try to remind ourselves to do something and say “Don’t forget to feed the cat!” guess who is more likely to go hungry? That’s right, the kitty cat! When we say “Remember to feed the cat!” our chances of remembering are much higher!

MIND TIP #3: If you can, write an affirmation about your intention on a piece of paper or a sticky note beside your bed or wherever you are laying down. Read it as soon as you wake up! Think about it for a moment and read it again. Then sit up. Read it again. Stand up. Read it again. Take it to the bathroom with you if you need to so that you can focus on it for a while. 17 seconds of focus and another thought like the one you chose will join it. 78 seconds of this and you’ve created a wave of momentum that will help you carry that thought into the day and actually create it!

For example, if you set the intention to wake up feeling more grounded and your affirmation is “I am aware of my ability to choose my own thoughts. I make a conscious effort to choose thoughts that give me joy!” Keeping that thought active for 17 seconds and then following those types of thoughts until you’re over a minute in will completely change your morning! Whether you went to bed because of anxious thoughts or not.

I always recommend choosing something that is easy to feel good about so add a thought to your affirmation that makes you feel good! It could be “I love my dog!” or “My kids are so funny!”. Anything really that makes you feel good. The whole point of this exercise is to choose what feels good to you first thing in the morning and then following that thought train as far as it will carry you into your day.

Affirmations are a tool I would highly recommend everyone use first thing in the morning, every morning! It is an awesome and easy way to set your day and yourself up for success! This is an important self care skill to develop! Yes, I said it! Setting yourself up for success is self care, and such an easy thing to do!

MIND TIP #4: When you get derailed, be easy with yourself! Derailments are part of our life experience, so expect it and if you can, embrace it! Things going wrong are part of our experience of being humans and living in these bodies and walking around on two legs. We are always going to experience things that don't feel good, and that's okay. It's how we respond to those things that really matter.

MIND TIP #5: No matter where you are in life I will always and forever encourage you to meditate daily! 15-20 minutes is sufficient and really will help you train your brain away from anxious thoughts!

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