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New Year, New You... Hopefully...

We’ve arrived in 2021! How exciting! Everything is going to be different this year! 😊

😬 Right?!?! I’m sure it will be better and different!

😳 Er, um… Seems to be the same…. I’m hopeful! Still hopeful!

🙄 Oh lawd.

Seems like the same shit just a different day doesn’t it… “But, 2021 was supposed to be different! It was supposed to be better!” But is it?

The question I’m asking myself as I write this is how we can expect it to be different or better, if we are not different or better.

I’ve spent some time this week reminiscing over 2020. Thinking about all of the challenges humanity faced. Thinking of the challenges I faced as an individual. Taking stock of the ways I’ve grown and changed, and the ways that I haven’t.

I’ve grown so much in my personal practice, in my connection to the energetic. I hear and see my guides so much more clearly now. I more easily trust their guidance and I more easily trust when things “feel” right. And yet I still struggle with self worth.

Am I really good enough to teach the things that are inside me to teach? Can I really lead others to getting in deeper touch with their guides and their intuition? Am I operating from a place of over inflated ego? Am I an imposter? These are my new year questions.

No one writes my story but me. No one directs my life but me. No one designs the set and the costumes but me. My guides aren’t here to tell me what to do, they are her to assist and guide me.

I want 2021 to be different, so that means I have to be different. I have to do better. I have to be better. Because what I am and what I put out into the world, I get back.

So this year I’m putting more love into the world.

This year, I’m putting more knowledge out into the world.

This year, I’m putting more peace out into the world.

This year, I’m spreading more joy and hope and happiness out into the world.

This year, I’m sharing passion with the world.

Because what I am, who I Be, that is what I get back.

So this year, I choose to be joyful. I choose to be happy. I choose to be passionate. I choose to be a leader. I choose to share my wisdom. I choose to share my gifts. I choose to shine my light. That is me doing my part. That is me putting what I want out into the world knowing that it is what I will get back.

So what about you? What do you want in 2021? What are you willing to give to the world? Who are you willing to Be? What are you willing to change? What are you willing to let go of?

The pressure of 2020 changed us all.

Who do you desire to Be in 2021?

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