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“When I am angry I just explode. How do I control my anger?”

Short answer: YOU DON’T control anger. It usually controls you! What you can do is master your emotions and respond to triggers that push your angry button instead of reacting from a past wound.

Every Thursday I go Live to answer your questions and this was the question this week. During this Live Q&A we talk about mastering your emotions, healing from past experiences and creating the life you desire and deserve! We’ve been going through some heavy emotion questions so talking about anger today is no surprise!

So then if we don’t control our anger, how do we master our emotions and choose our responses? Great question! You do so by changing the pre-programmed reaction to your anger button being pushed. As you change your programming consistently, what you’ll find is that your anger button will eventually disappear.

I hear you. Alright then, how do I change my programming and shrink my anger button?

By healing from the past experiences that taught you that getting angry makes the situation better somehow. It’s something I teach inside my Creative Being Academy. Finding the root of an emotional reaction can be done with help from a Shamanic Healer like me, or by learning to self heal. Which is the entire point of my Academy. In it I teach you the tools, techniques and skills required to master your emotions, heal your past wounds and create the life you desire and deserve! (For more information on the Academy, please click here.)

In that moment ask yourself, why am I angry? (Hint: the answer is never “they made me angry!” No one can make you feel an emotion. They pinpointed where you have a button to be pushed so that you can shrink that button.) Surface level, you’ll probably say it is because of someone’s behavior. Dig deeper. The answer is always about you, it’s never about other people’s behavior. What does their behavior say about you?

Maybe their behavior says that you did something wrong, or maybe you aren't worthy of something. Figure out this part. This is what you are being asked to heal. Track it back as far into your childhood as you can. Whoever was involved in the initial experience, FORGIVE THEM. The Ho'oponopono prayer is good for this. It's 4 sentences. "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you." Used in repetition it can help you begin the process of forgiving that person.


Another powerful self healing tool you can use is a sand painting. I have a video tutorial on my website here. It's a lovely creative healing process that transmutes the heavy emotion you are feeling.

Working with a healer is always something I would highly recommend. As a Shaman I help my clients find these painful experiences from former lives as well as current lifetime and can not only break the soul contract that was made during the event, but also bring you a few extra gifts as well. A piece of your soul that split off during the prior event, a spiritual gift that has a message or medicine for you, and a power animal that also has things to teach you and helps you heal as well. This is one of my favorite parts of working with individuals!

If you want to really create the life you desire and deserve, then I highly recommend Creative Being Academy, where you will learn all of the self healing methods that I use regularly on myself and that I teach to clients as needed. I've been working with energy in some capacity for 3 decades so there is a lot of knowledge to be gained! For your initial free self healing technique, click here.

Intuition Activation 3 day Challenge is starting May 12th!

For all the details and access, click here.

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